Jun 032011

Art school is all about timing. The year I finished I remember that the debate of Art vs. Craft was still heated and divisive. I think mainly because Craftspeople thought they were getting a crummy deal. Artists were swooning around being important and “informed” whereas the “Crafties” were dismissed as “decorative or functional”. I remember Ken Waugh, my lecturer in Art history opening an exhibition where he mentioned that we were dangerously close to the “Macrame belt of Melbourne” ( Warrandyte). Anyway, the more I thought about this, the more I needed to make a statement about where I thought the difference was.

So I did the obvious and treated the two doormats according to their function i.e Art or Craft.


Oct 262010

From a series of works which examined destruction … unfortunately little documentation (it was mostly B/W 1/2″ video) of this body of works which included a range of irreversible destructive acts and gestures survived. The example below is of a radiogram which was playing Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusic” when it was lifted to a 4th floor windowsill and dropped on the concrete below.

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Apr 171975

My friend “Wooly” and I both found Marcel Duchamp a great inspiration during our journey through Art School. We decided to approach art making by way of anonymous taxonomy. Great constraint had to be used to avoid fatigue on part of the uneducated masses as they stumbled their way from one exotic art experience to another. The detail below is showing the stamp applied to the cover of an empty sketch-pad.
Classified art