May 262011


This series began in 1994. The sitter would decide on the text and it’s placement etc.

Oct 242010

Below are some installation shots of the 365 Days exhibition which was shown at Airspace in Sydney in 1995. The project consisted of a film a day (yes, film !) i.e. 36 exposures which visually mapped the day. The show also featured a 210 minute video Video showing each of the 13 000 odd frames sequentially and a single, Slip cased, artist book with 365 11 x 14 ” pages of the work.

Oct 232010

This series is about the spaces which are transitional. Not places or spaces from which we depart or at which we arrive, but that in between.

MoMA San Francisco, 2009

Communication tower, Sandringham, 2007

Christmas decorations, Burwood, 2007

Freeway, Sydney, 1995

GOMA entrance, 2008

Walkway,Mitchell Library 2003

Wall, GOMA, 2008

Pavement, Daylesford, 2007

Office, Sydney, 2007

Stairs, San Francisco, 2010

Roll a door, San Francisco, 2006

Wall, NGV, 2009

Traffic Island, Knox Wantirna, 2008

Interior/exterior, South Melbourne, 2008

Entrance, Civic building, San Francisco, 2009

Interior/exterior 2, South Melbourne, 2008

Interior/exterior, Sydney, 2003

Colour, Dandenong, 2007

Lamp and wires, Malvern, 2008

Union St, San Francisco, 2009