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In 1975 I bagan to study for my first tertiary qualification: The Bachelor of Education in Arts and Crafts. What a quaint name for a degree…

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Curriculum Vitae for Werner Hammerstingl

Academic History:

2009 Diploma of Sustainability, Swinburne University

2003 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training Swinburne University

1994 Master of Visual Art (by Research) The University of Melbourne .

1982 Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Phillip Institute of Technology,Melbourne

1981 Bachelor of Education (Arts and Crafts) Melbourne College of Advanced Education

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2003 ‘Portraits’ Gallery 369, Melbourne

2002 City of strangers (WWW exhibition)

2000 ‘Eros’ (WWW exhibition)

2000 ‘Intim’ (WWW exhibition)

1999 REAL 3.0 presented by Vision Network, Tokyo, Japan in its Co:exist online program (WWW exhibition)

1998 Up close and personal (WWW exhibition)

1996 Musical Chairs (WWW exhibition)

1995 365 Days Airspace Gallery, Sydney

1995 The Ocular Labyrinth, a collaboration with Alex Riczcallo and Alex Selentich The Foyer Gallery, Arts Victoria

1994 In Camera Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne

1994 Destiny The Basement Gallery, Melbourne

1994 Difficulties Studio 12, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne

1993 Inner Sanctum in collaboration with Mark Strizic and Noel Flood; Doncaster Art Gallery, Melbourne

1993 Schlimme Schmisse in collaboration with Anthony Millman; Gold Street Gallery

1991 Images from Europe, Paparazzi Gallery, Melbourne

1987 Recent Work Artery Gallery, Geelong

1987 Silent Screams and Whispers Gryphon Gallery, Melbourne

1985 One for Marcel Gallery Quintino, Melbourne

1985 Fimbriated Moments The Printed Image Gallery, Melbourne

1983 Urban and Domestic Icons Gallery 18, Melbourne

1982 On Second Thoughts Gallery 18, Melbourne

1980 Transmogrifications Pentax Brummels Gallery, Melbourne

1979 Photographs and Prints Roen Art Gallery, Melbourne\

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2010 FACADE project, Federation Square, Melbourne

2008 Memefest OZ: Gertrude Digital Media Festival – Project

2008 Motor at Contempora, Art Lab, Docklands,Melbourne

2006 The Motor Show mk 2: Yarra Sculpure Gallery,Melbourne

2006 Contemporary sculpture auction ,Yarra Sculpure Gallery,Melbourne

2005 Defining Melbourne: Australian Centre for the Moving Image,Melbourne

2004 The Motor Show: Yarra Sculpure Gallery,Melbourne

2004 On the wire: Gallery PB ,Melbourne

2004 Piece/Peace: Gallery 369 ,Melbourne

2002 Sustainability: Gallery PB ,Melbourne

2001 Sustainability: An Artists View; the Atrium, Swinburne University, Lilydale

1999 20 Photographers, Melbourne Arts Club Gallery, Melbourne

1998 Tool2.0b was webmastered and curated by Graham Crawford (QuickSilver), and was Part of The Australian Network for Art and Technology’s 10 year Retrospective, “Foldback” which was exhibited at ISEA 98 and toured Australian Cities.

“Tool2.0b” has also just been installed in the Australian national archive dedicated to the presentation of Australian screen-based digital art on the web – SCREENARTS

1997 Iconoclastic Plastic, Center for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

1997 Techne at QANTM, Darwin, Northern Territory 25th Sept to 3rd Oct 1997

1997 Techne, Perth Institute for Contemporary Art, Perth

1996 Myopia, Photographers Gallery, Melbourne

1995 Decadence 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne

1995 Transapparency Ether Ohnetitel, Melbourne

1995 Oz Art, Australian High Commission,Singapore

1994 John Doe 200 Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne

1994 Blow-Up ‘Next Wave’ Exhibition at Southgate, Melbourne

1994 Studio Artists Foyer Gallery, Victorian Ministry for the Arts, Melbourne

1994 Foetus, Fish, Flesh Airspace, Sydney

1994 Read my Lips (Next Wave Festival 1994) Ascent Gallery, Melbourne

1994 It never rains in April Morabbin Arts Centre, Melbourne

1994 Agfa Summer Salon Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

1993 Un/authorized Duplication 200 Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne

1993 City of Footscray Invitation Prize, Melboune

1993 Box Hill InvitationPrize Exhibition, City Of Box Hill Town Hall

1993 Downlands Invitation Art Prize Towoomba

1993 V I T E A ; A.I.P. #7, Fifth Sculpture Triennial, R.M.I.T. Gallery

1993 John Baird Tower Studio Art Award exhibition of finalists at The Steps Gallery, Melbourne.

1993 Agfa Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

1992 Art Imitating Life with Mark Strizic, Pamela Irving and Noel Flood. Caulfield Arts Complex, Melbourne

1992 ‘Small Works – Wide Vision’, Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba

1992 ‘Image and Time’ Taipei International Exhibition of Photography 1992 R.O.C.Taiwan Museum of Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Chiang Kai – Shek Culture Center

1991 Art and Architecture The Atrium, Architecture Building, University of Melbourne

1989 International Invitation Exhibition, Gallery 56, New York, U.S.A.

1988 Art Horizons International Art Competition and Exhibition, Larchmont, New York, U.S.A.

1988 Salon International de la reserche photographique Royan, France

1987 Survey Exhibition of Australian Art, Linden Galleries, Melbourne

1987 National Photographic Exhibition, Albury Photographic Center, Albury

1984 International Triennial Exhibition of Photography, Friberg, Switzerland

1984 Still Moments Heide Park and Gallery, Melbourne

1983 Primitive Images The Eye Gallery, San Francisco, U.S.A.

1983 International Postcard Exhibition Photo Factory, Koenigsberg, Oslo, Norway

1983 3rd Post – Graduate Exhibition Phillip Institute of Technology, Melbourne

1983 Current Post – Graduate Work , Victorian College of the Arts Gallery, Melbourne

1982/3 Graduating Photography Traveling Exhibition, all States and Territories in Australia. Australian Center for Photography, Sydney

1982 The Tyranny of Distance Banque National de Paris, Melbourne

1982 Independent Artists Exhibition A.M.P. Building, Melbourne

1981 A Question on your Plate Gallery 18, Melbourne

1981 Four Melbourne Photographers Real Pictures Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Film and Video Work:
1996 Ladies and Gentlemen, 16mm , 3minutes(with Carolyn Deutsher)

1995 365 Days, V.H.S. 174 min

1994 The Red Glove Video, 60 min.

1993 City/Country Video Installation 2 x 60 Minutes

1992 MacDonalds Video, 60 min.

1990 Zero Ozone Conditions Apply (Homage to Charles Burkowsky) in collaboration with Anthony Millman V.H.S. 97 min.

1983 Memories Super 8 (Sound) 8 min.

1980 Ode to the decline of the Industrial Era Super 8 (Sound) 12 min.


Radio: ‘Digital Art’ on Arts Today with Sian Prior (45 minute special) ABC 2.4.1997

Interview with Andrew Garton on Kiss FM (Net up), Thursday 30.8.1996 (20min)

Arts Today with Sian Prior (45 minute special) ABC 18.4.1996

Interview with Rodger Taylor on RRR, Saturday 30.3.1996 (30min)

Interview with Rodger Taylor on RRR, Saturday 7.4.1996 (30min)

Interview with Hugo Leshin on 3MBS, Thursday 31.8.95 (20min)

Interview on Radio National, Ronald MacDonald April 5, 1994 (16 min)

Review on RRR with Rodger Taylor, July 8.1995

Interview on 3AW April 4th. 1994 (12 min)

Interview on RRR on Sunday April 3, 1994 (28 min)

Interview with Linda Hicks on ‘Talbot’s Box’ 3CR 7.3.1987 (30 min)


Cyberfringe:Digital Imaging Award, Chanel 31, Monday 14.10.1996

365 Days: CTV1, Sydney, Saturday, February 18, 1995

Still Photography? (Repeat) ABC TV Review, Sunday April 17, 1994

Still Photography? ABC TV Review, Monday April 11, 1994

Recent Public Lectures:

E.Learning -Facts and Fictions: The Australian Society for Educational Technology, Ministry of Education, May 12, 2004


The University of Melbourne, The University of Oslo, Koenigsberg, Norway, City of Footscray Collection, Private Collections in Australia, Germany, Italy, India, France, England, U.S.A. and New Zealand.



Hammerstingl W. 365 Days, Windrest Publications, Melbourne 1995

Hammerstingl W. Social Politics in Australian Photography

Unpublished Master by Research Thesis, Melbourne University, 1992

Hammerstingl W.The New Photography Unpublished Thesis. M.C.A.E. 1982

Articles in Books:

Book Bildsprache und Medienbilder, Semiotics pp 306-319

Publisher VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2006 Werner Hammerstingl “12 Stories” and “Stelarc and the sum of his parts” in

Dr. Rachel Armstrong (Ed.) Sci-Fi Aesthetics , Academic Group, London, 1997

Articles in Journals:

Werner Hammerstingl “C.O.T.I.S.”

Espace (Montreal, Canada) Automne 1999, No.49 pp43-44

Werner Hammerstingl “Post-humanism”

JZ 49 (Verisimilitude issue) June/July 1999 pp26-29

Werner Hammerstingl “What’s the difference?”

JZ 48 (Verisimilitude issue) Jan/Feb 1999 pp25-26

Werner Hammerstingl “self-remembering-home”

MeshNo.12 pp58-59

Werner Hammerstingl “Urban Exile. On-line Gallery”

MeshNo.8/9 pp29-30

Articles on CD-ROM:

Werner Hammerstingl “Stelarc and the sum of his parts” on “Metabody-From Cyborg to Stimborg” published by Merlin, Sydney, 1997


Jason Waterhouse (Curator) Motor at Contempora, Art Lab, Docklands,Melbourne

Jason Waterhouse (Curator)The Motor Show mk 2: Yarra Sculpure Gallery,Melbourne, 2006

Jason Waterhouse (Curator) “The Motor Show”, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, 2004

Iconoclastic Plastic, CCP exhibition,1997

Rodger Taylor Digital Aesthetics, Ivan Dougherty, Sydney

1996 Dennis Chapman Transapparency, Ether Ohnetitel, 1995

Selenitsch, A. The Ocular Labyrinth, Arts Victoria, 1995

Jonathan Nichols, Louise Paramour (Eds.) Jon Doe 200 Gertrude Street Artist Spaces, 1994

Daw, Kate and Delaney, Max Untitled Next Wave Festival 1994

Nervegna, Anna and O’Dwyer, Roisin (Un)authoized duplication 200 Gertrude Street Artist Spaces, 1993

Hammerstingl, W. Two Documentary Photographers The University of Melbourne 1993

Vandam, Jennifer: Art Imitating Life Caulfield Arts Complex, Melbourne, 1982

‘Image and Time’ Taipei International Exhibition of Photography Art: 1992 R.O.C.

Taiwan Museum of Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Chiang Kai – shek Culture Center, 1992

Mc Culkin, T. (Ed.)Small Works – Wide Visions, Downlands College, Toowoomba, 1992

Tresseder, B. Masters Degree Exhibition, M.C.A.E., 1987

Jenkins, R.( Ed.) Primitive Images, Eye Gallery, San Francisco, 1983

Churcher, B. (Ed.) Third Post – Graduate Exhibition Phillip Institute of Technology, 1983


Amanda Finnis”All that beauty: Digital Aesthetics-One” ARTLINK Special “Arts in the Electronic Landscape”Issue,Volume 16, Number 2/3,Winter 1996

Cindy Lee”Digital Aesthetics-One” MESH Special Issue, Number 8/9, Autumn/Winter 1996

John Conomos “Language and Aesthetics” Cinema Papers Number 111, August 1996 pp.42-44

Barb Smith “Art in the Age of modern technology” Canberra Times, Friday, April 26th 1996, page 12

Madeleine Coorey “High-tech muse” The Australian, Higher Education Supplement, page 26, Wednesday, april 10 1996

Marie Sierra-Hughes “Off the wall” Herald Sun, Wednesday, February 1. 1995

Robert Nelson “Three Themes on the Art of Teamwork”, Review and large photograph, The Age Wednesday, Feb. 1. 1995, Page 19

Gower,R.. “Whatever Happened to…?” Commercial Photography Australia, SydneyJanuary / February 1995

“Still Photography?” Australian Multimedia Vol. 2, Number 3, Dec/Jan 94 /95 page 42

Alan Koeninger “Still Photography?” in Photofile (# 42) June 1994, pp 38-39

Steve Rand and Mark T “Still Photography?” (page 30) and “Fresh New Reality” (page 50)

Beat Magazine, Volume 2, April 1994

Smith, Barbara “Developing Awareness of Digital Technology”, Canberra Times, April 19 1994

Hammerstingl, W. “Culture vs.Technique” Commercial Photography Australia, Sydney January / February 1994

Irving, P. ‘Alienation in Everyday Living’ Geelong Advertiser Aug. 16th. 1987

New Zealand Herald, Monday, August 17 th,1982

Hughes, S. ‘Youths Exuberance Overwhelms Quality of Art’ Melbourne Times, May 1980

Reference Texts:

“A Short Ride in a Fast Machine: Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces 1985 – 2005”, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces,Melbourne 2005

“International Who’s Who of Professionals (Millenium edition)” Gibralter Publishing, Jacksonville NC. 2000

The Twentieth Century Performance Reader (Paperback)

by Michael Huxley (Editor), Noel Witts (Editor), Routhledge, 1996

“Who’s -Who in Australian Art?” Thorpe Publishing, Melbourne , 1996

Kevin Murray “King Solomons Net”, pp117 -141 in POST,

Photography Post Photography, Edited by Stuart Koop, Center for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne 1995

Le Pechoux, J.M.The Australian Photography Yearbook 1983, Thomas Nelson and Roscope, Melbourne 1983

Diaries: Prendergast, M. (Ed). Australian Art Diary 1984, Prendergast and McGulloch, Melbourne, 1983

Interviews by Werner Hammerstingl

Werner Hammerstingl interviews Prof. William Mitchell, Dean of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Creating in a Digital Imaging Environment (“Still Photography?” Interview Series #1) published by the Media Unit , The University of Melbourne (58min VHS), 1994

Werner Hammerstingl interviews Prof. Douglas Ford Rea, Dean of Electronic Imaging , Rochester Institute of Technology, New York: 5 Years Ahead..(“Still Photography?” Interview Series #2) published by the Media Unit , The University of Melbourne (45 min VHS), 1994

Boxed Sets:

Hammerstingl, W., New Years Day,1999

Hammerstingl, W., Rizkalla A.and Selenitsh A. The Ocular Labyrinth Melbourne 1995

Hammerstingl, W., Domestic Bliss,1994

Hammerstingl, W., Anzac Day 1983

Bennet, T. (Ed.) 8 Post Cards Campaspe. Melbourne 1983

Photographs included in:

Aedon, Vogue, Outrage, Vogue Living, Rolling Stone, Beat, Antithesis, Agenda, Craft Victoria, Craft Art, Track-Bred, The Age, The Sun, The Herald, The Australian, 100×100 Print Council of Australia, Melbourne 1989. CATfood, Professional Photography Australia.

Master Workshops:

Architecture of the Small, solutions for confined spaces, with Annalisa Dominoni

Strategic Design Workshop, fusing design and interactive media, with Francesco Galli

Design Masterclass with Professor Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis


1996 CAT Digital Imaging Award and National Gallery of Victoria Acquisition Award, Stop 22 Gallery, Melbourne Digital Aesthetics-One Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney 1996

Included in the show were the artists Zbigniev Karkowski , James Verdon (Booth), Orlan,Graham Harwood and Stelarc

CAT Digital Imaging Award and National Gallery of Victoria Acquisition Award City of Waverley Gallery , Melbourne 1995

Promises made and broken, Paton Gallery, The University of Melbourne, 1994

Still Photography? Digital Imaging Award and National Gallery of Victoria Acquisition Award Arts Building, Melbourne University,1994

Stelarc and Don’t shoot the Messenger, The Open Stage, Melbourne 1994

Two Documentary Photographers, Griffin Gallery, The University of Melbourne, 1993

Image and Form, The Doncaster Gallery, 1992

Work in Progress, Griffin Gallery, The University of Melbourne, 1992

Student work, The University Gallery, The University of Mississippi, Missouri, U.S.A. 1992


ISS Institute Fellowship, 2008

City of Footscray Acquisitive Award, 1993

200 Gertrude Street Studio Award, 1993

University of Melbourne Research Grants 1990,1992,1993 and 1994

University of Melbourne Post – Graduate Scholarship , 1989

M.C.A.E. Research Grant 1988

Commonwealth Post – Graduate Scholarship, 1985


1996 CAT Digital Imaging Award and National Gallery of Victoria Acquisition Award, Stop 22 Gallery , Melbourne 1995 CAT Digital Imaging Award and National Gallery of Victoria Acquisition Award City of Waverley Gallery , Melbourne 1995

1994 Still Photography? Digital Imaging Award and Michaels National Gallery of Victoria Acquisition Award, Arts Building, Melbourne University

1993 Images of the Orient Oriental Paper Photography Award (Australia-wide)

1986 International Photography Prize, Sydney Town Hall, Sydney


Member, AICA (Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art)

Member, The Digipainters Club

Member, AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)(retired)

Foundation Member, NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts)

Committee Member, Melbourne University Research Committee(retired)

Committee Member, Doncaster Art Complex Management (retired)

Group Founder of the “Still Photography?” Project (retired)

President,”Still Photography?” Committee (retired)

President, “Contemprary Arts and Technology” Inc.



Lecturer at Swinburne University

Curator, Photographer, Artist, Editor,Webdesigner and Writer.

Most recent:

Lecturer in Photography and Digital Media at Photographic Studies College

Lecturer in Photography, The Victorian College of the Arts

H.O.D. Hawthorn Photography Unit (Contract.1995)

Conference Convener (1996)

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