Tables are a great layout tool and can be used in a myriad of creative ways. The essential tags are as follows:

  Other aspects of tables include the flexibility in relation to the browser window.

This is cell 1 This is cell 2
The following pic is the html for the table above.
You will notice that this table get's smaller as the page itself is made smaller (try it, reduce the window from right to left).

This is cell 1 This is cell 2
This time, in the html for the table above,you will notice that the table remains it's original size as the page itself is made smaller (try reducing the window again..).

as you notice, you can specify an excact width (in pixels) or even as a percentage (TD WIDTH="30%) etc

Tables are usually used to control diverse relationships of text elements but can contain pictures just as easily.
You probably noticed the less than attractive bevelled border in the above examples.
It's simple to remove (bordercolour can also be added) see top plate.

here is picture and text in a table cell
Here is just a piece of text

That's about it for the basics on tables (they are simple, but very powerful web-layout tools).